Global Innovation Commons Framework

The Global Innovation Commons (GIC) license is simple:

  • If you use information from the GIC, you must share what you're doing with everyone else.
  • If you improve on information found in the GIC, you must share your improvements with everyone else.
  • Finally, the use of any GIC information must reference the "Global Innovation Commons".

All information entered into the GIC website will be visible to all site visitors. However, in order to contribute to the GIC, we ask that you become a registered site user. Registration is free, and can be accomplished using your OpenID or by clicking here.  While registration requires you to provide certain information, we respect your privacy and will not sell, rent, swap, or otherwise disclose your email address or other private information to 3rd parties. The user profile fields that are currently public are "First name", "Last name", "City", "Country", "My interests", "About me", "Job title", and "Organization".  Actions such as contributing content, making a comment, or joining a group can be viewed by all users either in specific profile pages or on the front page under "All Recent Activity". 

Content Guidelines:

Any content uploaded to the Global Innovation Commons may be removed if it is found to be in violation of The United Nations' Universal Declaration of Human Rights (non-English translations of the document may be found here). Any Commoner may flag potentially offensive material for review and it will be evaluated by site administrators.

Any content or user registrations which are suspected to be spam may be blocked and/or removed at the sole discretion of site administrators. If you have any questions about blocked content or registrations, please contact us at