Elegant Solution to Climate Change - By Margaret Barton, M-CAM Intern


Climate change is a problem in a world that is rapidly urbanizing. The magnitude of the problem is overwhelming.  By 2050, about 8 billion people are expected to live within one day’s travel of cities. We need to do more than we already are.

Integral Urban Ecovillage Challenge

Country or Countries Where Challenge Takes Place: 

The challenge is to create a network of Integral Urban Ecovillages in the St. Louis Missouri region, as a model for emergency preparedness, distributed renewable power, food and water production, that is grid positive, more as an exporter of goods and services, including capturing and treating precipitation that falls on the site and treating greywater, vegetative waste and sewage for nutrient energy and water recapture and reuse.

Water, rivers, caves, trails, people, parks, gardens, mineral springs, water, food, old buildings
Custom & Culture: 
Pride in neighborhood, importance of family, symphony, students earning service hours, schools, universities, art galleries
Future residents, universities, schools, engineering professors, climate scientists, school of nutrition, Capstone projects, storytellers, gardeners, Botanical Garden
Contract with Commerce Bank for tax credits, sub-local currency, equity, unit reservations
Tools, equipment and materials for SCIPs manufacturing and gardening, Integral Urban Ecovillage, You and I technology, cohousing and ecovillage methodology, cost savings synergies among businesses healing arts, transformational training
Community focus, health care facilities, alternative health practitioners, dance, gardens, relationships

"Waste Of A Drink Or Innovation?"

Bio-Butanol fuel can be used as fuel in an internal combustion engine and is prodcued by fermentation of biomass. The researchers from Edinburgh Napier University have taken it to another level and begun using two main by-products of the whiskey production process- "pot ale"- the liquid from the copper stills, and "draff"- the spent grains for producing butanol for fuel.

Biogas, Bioalcohol, Biodiesel

New To The Global Innovation Commons, Biogas, Bioalcohol, and Biodiesel!.

New GIC Article in Yes! Magazine: "A Global Innovation Commons For Clean Tech"

A Global Innovation Commons for Clean Tech
By David Bollier - Yes! Magazine & Policy Innovations: The Central Address for Fairer Globalization - 20.Jan.2010

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